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Merge databases

Let us take care of managing and merging all your data across multiple available data types including fundamental, trading and news. Also merge across a number of data vendors and platforms.

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Raw financial data download

Raw data

Access underlying source data from our data partners or purchase summarized metrics based on insights supported by academic research. Full order book data, or end of interval/day data is available.

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Research projects

Kickstart your next research paper, project or report with numerous databases to choose from. Numbers facilitates data supply from Worldscope, IBES, TRTH, MQD Insight and Compustat.

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Merge databases







MQD Insight


Numbers Database Feeds

"Gateway for integrated financial data"

Access trading, accounting and events data from our large collection of financial information providers. Download popular academic data from Thomson Reuters and S&P, as well as the CMCRC's MQD Insights metrics database. Easily merge, identify and manage data variables across databases and providers. Search by multitude of company identifiers including (CUSIP, ISIN, RIC, Name, TICKER etc), region, securities market, and index constituent.

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Raw finance data

Well organised, clean datasets. While Numbers offers a wide range of ready-to-use metrics prepared by MQD Insight and other databases such as Compustat and IBES, it is often useful to view and analyse the underlying raw data. With Numbers you have full access to the order book as well as end of day or interval data of all covered markets, which allows a superior understanding of your underlying data.

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Merged financial database download

Financial research projects

Research projects

Reports, papers and presentations. No matter if you are a professional or student, Numbers offers you access to the major finance databases. We merge your requested data across multiple databases, facilitating the process of data collection and cleaning. Numbers facilitates the process of data collection and analysis, saving valuable time.

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Cloud computation and metrics

MQD Analytics is a next-generation framework for financial market data processing. Unleash the power of the CMCRC workflow engine to seamlessly analyse a wealth of financial data using powerful cloud computing infrastructure. Get started in seconds from a library of pre-built metrics or write your own from scratch.

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Download finance data

Available databases

Worldscope offers private and public annual and interim/quarterly data, and hosts approximately 25 indices and 108,000 companies. It includes detailed historical financial statement content, per share data, calculated ratios, pricing and textual information and much more. Annual history dates back to 1980.

IBES offers company earnings forecasts and stock recommendations on 22,000 companies, from 900 contributors around the globe, across over 100 developed and emerging markets. It provides over 230+ metrics across 12 industries and dates back to 1976.

Compare markets, analyse trends, build event studies and complete pilot research in minutes. MQD takes intraday tick data and announcements from every securities market in the world, combines them with market design changes to enable evaluation of whether new regulation has improved or impaired markets for stakeholders. Over 100 metrics included or create your own metrics using UPTICK.

This database includes fundamentals, proprietary data and integrated databases of corporate, M&A, private capital, equity, and fixed income markets. Includes 99,000 global securities, covering 99% of the world's total market capitalization with annual company data history available from 1950 and quarterly data from 1962.

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Expand your capability with the mqd.suite


Outcomes-based regulatory framework for assessing security market quality that includes measurement proxies for market integrity and efficiency. Compare markets, analyse trends, build event studies and complete pilot research in minutes.

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Seamlessly analyse a wealth of financial data using our powerful computing infrastructure. Get started in seconds from our library of pre-built metrics or write your own from scratch. Import your own data or connect to any data source in MQD Numbers. Generate beautiful reports, and then share your code and results with others.

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